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The Company has set up Power Plants of total capacity of 7.825 MW.
Biomass based Power
 The 3.1 MW power is produced through Steam Turbine. The steam is supplied by 40 TPH (tons per hour) Boiler run on agriculture waste such as Rice husk, bagasse etc. The power generating from steam turbine is utilized for captive consumption.
Bio Gas based Power
 The 4.725 MW power is produced by 5 (no.s) Bio-Gas Based Power Engines. This biogas is produced in Effluent Treatment Plant while treating the effluent generated by the distillery. The sale of this power is tied up with Tata Power Trading Company Limited.
Clean Development Mechanism
 The Company is eligible under Clean Development Mechansim for availing Carbon Credits because of the power produced from renewable source of energy i.e. from both Bio-mass and Bio-gas. The Company has tie up with Cantor Co2 as advisors and is in the advanced stage of obtaining approvals from concerned authorities. As a responsible corporate body, the Company deems it as a privilege to participate in global eco-friendly measures.